Autograph’s potential impact on the NFT market

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Tom Brady’s NFT startup Autograph has made headlines recently with its whopping $170M fundraising round from some of the biggest crypto investors in Silicon Valley. The investment injects hefty buzz into the already booming non-fungible token (NFT) industry and has many wondering what Autograph’s impact on the NFT market could be.

In this article, we will look at Autograph’s potential to shape the future of NFTs.

Overview of Autograph

Autograph is a buzzy celebrity Non-Fungible Token (NFT) startup founded by National Football League (NFL) player Tom Brady. This Silicon Valley-based company recently secured $170 million in funding from some top crypto investors. Autograph is expected to greatly impact the growing NFT market with its innovative technology, celebrity influence, and highly experienced team.

NFTs are digital objects stored on the Ethereum blockchain representing anything from art, virtual real estate, music videos and more. They are unique tokens used to digitally preserve an item’s provenance- data associated with an item’s history, origin and ownership- and link it directly to its creator. Autograph leverages existing NFT technologies into its marketplace platform packed with many features such as authentication services, digital autograph signing opportunities with celebrities or special limited products that come packaged as exclusive NFT drops. This offers consumers a new way of buying physical items such as trading cards, autographed memorabilia or vintage apparel via blockchain technology without worrying about counterfeiting or scalping as Autograph’s patented authentication system guarantees authenticity.

By leveraging the latest technologies on Ethereum such as non-custodial wallets and smart contracts to create mutually beneficial partnerships between creators and users while incentivising participation through mint rewards for providing feedback or ratings; Autograph could offer game-changing opportunities for both companies looking to capitalize on the mix between physical products and NFTs for their marketing purposes and consumers looking for safe ways of purchasing collectibles while tracking their authenticity along the way.

Autograph’s mission

Autograph is a digital signature technology company founded by Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady and Calvin Harper, CEO of technology company Fifth Creek. Autograph aims to revolutionize the world of NFTs through their secure digital signature platform, allowing investors to buy, sell and transfer valuable collectibles confidently.

Autograph’s mission is to protect creators and buyers at the highest level of security and efficiency during ownership transfers. Validating every transaction via blockchain-based cryptographic signing adds an extra layer of trustworthiness and eliminates risks like fraud or unauthorized alterations. Autograph also simplifies the process by automating complex documentation associated with traditional signing methods.

This mission was validated by Silicon Valley’s top crypto investors who recently invested $170M in Autograph’s Series A funding round to further develop their disruptive NFT technology. These funds will be used for research & development to maintain a competitive edge in the highly competitive NFT market and increase market reach through strategic partnerships and various marketing initiatives.

Autograph’s Impact on the NFT Market

Tom Brady’s celebrity NFT startup Autograph recently raised $170M from some of Silicon Valley’s leading crypto investors. This news has sent shockwaves across the NFT market as the impact of Autograph will certainly be felt.

Let’s discuss how this development could potentially affect the NFT market.

Autograph’s potential to expand the NFT market

Tom Brady’s buzzy celebrity NFT startup Autograph has raised $170 million from some of Silicon Valley’s top investors, suggesting that the wide-reaching potential impact of Autograph could help the NFT market reach new heights.

autograph nfts 170m series perkinsmatneytechcrunch

The influx of capital is expected to fuel the development by Autographers – its marketplace where artists can list their work – generate new use cases and increase user adoption, while deepening engagement with more experienced collectors and creating a home for more art enthusiasts.

Autograph has already signed on several celebrities such as Amber Heard, Brooke Shields, Liza Koshy, Margaret Cho and Misty Copeland as part of its initiative to help users experience and collect new pieces. In addition, the platform offers unique opportunities for fans to interact with their favorite celebrities’ artwork in ways they never have before by using blockchain technology to securely store the artwork’s cryptographically secure certificates.

The combination of competition for artwork combined within a secure experience presents an opportunity for users to buy one-of-a-kind pieces without worry about authenticity or value diminishing over time, which has been identified as a roadblock in the past. Additionally, attracting prominent athletes and actors increases the collecting possibilities which could spur consumer demand for NFTs in general!

Therefore given these factors, it can be safely concluded that Autograph could be instrumental in expanding the reach of NFTs beyond tech enthusiasts, gamers and investors and create an even bigger market around digital art.

Autograph’s potential to increase the liquidity of NFTs

Since the launch of Tom Brady’s buzzy celebrity NFT startup Autograph in January 2021, it has quickly become one of the most influential companies within the NFT marketplace. Autograph further legitimized the booming Non-Fungible Token (NFT) market by receiving $170 million in investment funds from Silicon Valley’s top crypto investors. This major injection of funds means that Autograph has solidified its leading role amongst notable NFT startups such as Dapper Labs, NBA Top Shot, and Coinbase.

The large capital investment will help bolster the liquidity of NFTs by allowing individuals to position their collections for trading early on, bypassing the need to wait until after they acquire all parts of a collection before selling. This will thus expand the scope and opportunities available to collectors, allow them more confidence in taking greater risks when acquiring new pieces or collections, and create a more immediate pathway for them to reap potential benefits from previously limited gains on return based on traditional methods.

Moreover, their current access to ample capital resources may allow Autograph to expand its catalog of offerings, making it easier for collectors to find high profile names among big leagues that typically require considerable branding efforts, which can be cost prohibitive when done alone or through small partnerships. In turn, this will bring greater legitimacy and appeal to these entries which is likely to encourage collectors who may have less access or restrictions since many high profile releases are non-transferable outside exchanges such as Sotheby’s or Christie’s auctions house while still providing security over ownership rights.

Autograph’s potential to attract new investors to the NFT market

Tom Brady’s buzzy celebrity NFT startup Autograph has gathered $170M from some of Silicon Valley’s top crypto investors, reinforcing the power of autographs in the digital asset world. Autograph will join the expanding marketplaces offering non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This includes OpenSea, Super Rare, Rarible, Foundation, Nifty Gateway and many others that have already witnessed an explosion in demand and interest from traditional and crypto investors.

Autograph’s potential to attract new investors to the NFT market is an important factor in further boosting its growth. Not only will new buyers be able to take advantage of their investments, but with celebrity impact on this booming sector, awareness is certain to grow exponentially; thus driving even more potential shoppers towards these platforms. Additionally, autograph’s partnership with Los Angeles Lakers’ star LeBron James and current Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady could be seen as a major endorsement for both mainstream media exposure and allowing emerging creators or collectors within NFT platforms access to large markets and celebrity fans who serve as reliable customers for special one-of-a-kind digital assets such as NBA Top Shot Moments or music videos signed by famous stars or athletes.

What’s more is Autograph can potentially bridge two industries together: sports entertainment and cryptocurrency investments; creating an ecosystem of digital collectors willing to pay for limited edition products backed by blockchain technology that can potentially increase their value over time — something which could open up opportunities for further development within both industries. With Celebrity endorsements also playing its part it will pique interest with those who are unfamiliar with this kind of asset class/marketplace; adding layers upon layers that encourages prospective investors to explore further into the crypto world – much like Bitcoin evangelists have been doing since 2008.

Tom Brady’s buzzy celebrity NFT startup Autograph banks $170M from Silicon Valley’s top crypto investors

Recently, Autograph, the NFT startup founded by NFL star Tom Brady, has announced that they have received $170M in funding from top Silicon Valley crypto investors. This huge sum of money allows them to expand their reach and further their impact in the NFT market.

This article will discuss the potential effect Autograph can have on the NFT market.

Overview of Autograph’s funding

Tom Brady’s buzzy celebrity NFT startup Autograph has secured backing from some of Silicon Valley’s top crypto investors. Reports on April 13th, 2021 indicated that Autograph had netted a series A funding round of $170 million, taking the total raised to $177 million.

autograph tom 170m series perkinsmatneytechcrunch

The Series A funding round was led by Andreessen Horowitz and Struck Capital. The participation of other investors in the round included Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, 23 Convention’s Stanley Druckenmiller and Mark Cuban Ventures. As part of the deal, four new members are joining Autograph’s board: General Catalyst Board Partner Hemant Taneja, Lightspeed Ventures Partner Eric Xu, Andreessen Horowitz Partner Connie Chan and 23 Convention COO Marie Chilion Dracos.

The round also included participation from notable angel investors such as NFL quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes and Russell Wilson, NBA superstar Kevin Durant and entrepreneur Alex Rodriguez. Other strategic late participants include Unicoin Ventures, 1315 Capital Allianz X and Arrington XRP Capital.

Autograph is utilizing blockchain technology to provide a platform for celebrities like Tom Brady to make money off their digital assets in a verifiable and secure way for their fans and themselves. The platform also provides what they call “celebrity curated items” that are sold through non-fungible tokens (NFT). This newly announced funding will further help the company in furthering its mission to revolutionize how celebrities can engage with their audiences through secure digital products like fan-driven chats or autographed memorabilia for collectors who yearn for tangible elements to share with friends or family members.

Autograph’s investors

Tom Brady’s celebrity NFT startup Autograph caught much attention from the world of sports and entertainment when it launched early this year. This week, the buzz surrounding the startup has found its way to the venture capital world as Autograph pulled in $170 million from some of Silicon Valley’s top crypto investors.

The investment round, which was co-led by Andreessen Horowitz, included notable investors such as Target Global, Coatue, WestCap and Presight Ventures. Notable individual investors joining the financing round included Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong and rapper Nas. The money will be used to further expand Autograph operations, invest in its technologies and accelerate growth initiatives.

Autograph has tapped into a new generation of digital asset buyers to give everyday fans previously exclusive access to rare digital fan experiences with their favorite celebrities. Utilizing tokenization technology on an industry-first fan engagement platform powered by Ethereum blockchain, users can purchase limited edition cards and other artwork featuring today’s top celebrities via non-fungible tokens (NFT).

The company also offers users a private marketplace for exciting NFT experiences — including virtual meet-and-greets with icons like Michael Jordan — that can be purchased through Autograph’s mobile app. With $170 million in new financing from leading brands and tech entities in Silicon Valley, Autograph is poised to become a major player in building out the next generation of global fan engagement by not only unlocking deeper connections between artists and their fans but also providing more opportunities for artists to monetize their art online.

Autograph’s use of funds

Tom Brady’s Autograph has recently raised $170 million in a Series A round of financing, as the star athlete looks to revolutionize the world of non-fungible tokens (NFT). With the funds, Autograph has plans to invest in and accelerate two core areas critical for unlocking mass adoption within the NFT market: experiences and engagement.

autograph brady nfts 170m series perkinsmatneytechcrunch

Autograph’s funding will be used to deepen its presence in both sports and entertainment industries. This will involve expanding its team that creates experiences within the digital asset space, such as exclusive music releases, live streams, auctions and collectibles. Moreover, Autograph plans to further develop its platform that allows celebrities and fans to connect directly via unique NFTs. In addition to creating new content, they are investing in marketing strategies that should help build awareness of their platform among celebrities, athletes and fans alike.

Regarding engagement, they plan on launching innovative products or highly interactive programs, including parlaying with various sports leagues or organizations and media outlets. They also plan to use their funding for ongoing development to ensure users have best-in-class features like secure wallet functionality for storing NFTs safely; an attractive and easy-to-use interface; a trusted marketplace where authenticity is ensured; analytics support; innovative auction options; revenue models for creators through collaborations with key partners; and a hybrid finance model which rewards artists/creators for their efforts using both fiat currency (such as USD) as well as cryptocurrency (such as BTC). Finally, Autograph plans to facilitate multiple integrations (e.g., partnerships) with other industry players to broaden reach even further within this entertainment technology sector.


With Tom Brady’s buzzy celebrity NFT startup Autograph banking $170M from Silicon Valley’s top crypto investors, it’s clear this startup has potential to make a major impact in the NFT market.

As Autograph continues to bring in more funding and add new celebrity partners, we can expect to see NFTs become an even more popular asset class in the future.

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