How is Revolutionizing the Presentation Industry 20m 100m wiggerstechcrunch is a revolutionary technology changing how presentations are created and experienced.

It is an AI-powered platform that enables users to create custom presentations in less than a minute. With its intuitive user interface, makes creating high-impact presentations easier and engaging audiences with interactive content easier than ever. is revolutionizing the world of presentations and revolutionizing the way people present.

What is is an innovative online platform designed to revolutionize the presentation industry. With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, makes creating professional-grade presentations easier than ever before. So whether you’re making a presentation for a business meeting, an academic class, or just want to spruce up your work review with visuals, can help you do it quickly and easily without compromising quality.

This powerful platform offers many features that make designing presentations a breeze; from dozens of professionally designed templates to unique features like AI-based audience analytics, drag and drop elements, real-time collaboration tools and more you’re sure to find what you need for any type of projects. Additionally, simple sharing options allow you to publish your creation in minutes and instantly start engaging with viewers worldwide.

In short: is the leading cloud-based platform that helps businesses quickly and simply create stunning professional presentations while making collaboration more efficient.

Benefits is a revolutionary presentation software that has revolutionized the presentation industry by introducing an easy-to-use interface with powerful features.

With, users can create professional-looking presentations quickly and easily, with no coding skills required.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using

Automated Content Creation is revolutionizing the presentation industry by leveraging automated content creation to significantly reduce the time and effort required to create presentations.’s proprietary artificial intelligence technology, “prezenAI,” can generate coherent and engaging content in minutes—rather than hours or days—allowing presenters to quickly and easily create stunning slides with minimal data input. ai 20m series greycroft 100m wiggerstechcrunch

The process begins when users login or register for’s application, which automatically builds an initial, customized animated presentation based on the user’s chosen topic. The engine then structures this rough draft into a visually appealing yet universally-branded format in real-time. Finally, it lets users incorporate additional presentation assets such as 3D imagery, sound effects, gifs and videos for an even more powerful presentation experience.

The prezenAI algorithm also offers tremendous flexibility regarding content customization; if a presenter wishes to alter certain elements of their pre-generated content, they may do so quickly and easily within the platform application without the necessary coding knowledge. In addition, Prezent’s platform allows users to easily edit existing slides and add new slides within seconds to refine their presentations until they accurately reflect a presenter’s distinct vision of what an effective presentation should look like.

AI-Powered Design is revolutionizing the presentation industry by harnessing the power of AI for design. Our software takes your content and uses advanced algorithms to automatically create a beautiful slide deck tailored specifically for you.

Now, with just a few clicks, our AI-powered design engine will create presentations that are engaging, professional and on message – meaning no more hours of manual work or frustrations over bad design decisions! With, you can craft stunning visual stories faster than ever and focus more on your message without worrying about design details.

Our software leverages machine learning technology to understand the user’s intent when creating designs and the brand’s identity for the desired look-and-feel, giving customers access to unlimited design possibilities in one place! With over 1 million designs in our library, ensures every presentation looks its best regardless of budget constraints or time limits.

What’s more, it is equipped with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface allowing users to easily customize any elements they would like to add/remove as they please without any coding knowledge needed! This means anyone can quickly build beautiful presentations without spending unnecessary money on premium illustrations or graphics tools like you would likely have to do without

Automated Presentation Delivery is a revolutionary new platform for companies, organizations, and educators looking for an easy way to deliver presentations to their audiences. offers automated presentation delivery with the ability to personalize each presentation according to the audience’s interests and preferences. By leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, can provide each audience member a customized and personalized experience.

The system leverages an interactive design format to easily adapt presentations depending on the audience’s needs. Slides are also indexed for easy searchability, reducing the need for presenters to scroll through large presentation decks or multiple presentation versions to find the right material during their live presentation. can save time since presenters don’t need to go through long processes of analyzing or searching through numerous presentations to find what they’re looking for to perform well during their performance – all they have to do is run a simple keyword search, and will automatically pull up relevant information from its database library, which contains several thousands different sources of content from across multiple market segments as well as custom content tailored specifically towards individual presenters’ needs – allowing them more mental energy dedicated towards delivering peak performance during their presentation without having to worry about wasting time preparing for it!

How It Works is an AI-powered presentation creation platform that lets users create stunning, professional-looking presentations with just a few clicks. This revolutionary service helps eliminate the stress of creating presentations by automating the entire process. series 100m wiggerstechcrunch uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze the user’s input and automatically create a presentation that fits their needs.

Let’s take a look at how it works.

Step-by-Step Guide to

Making a professional and engaging presentation has never been easier than it is with All you need to do is upload your slides, pick a template, and start customizing. Here is a step-by-step guide to creating your presentation:

1. Upload Your Presentation – Start by uploading or creating a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation into the system on

2. Select A Template – Choose from one of the unique templates provided by that best suits your presentation’s purpose and design aesthetic, or design one of your own from scratch! Here you can also adjust the height, width, and color scheme of your slides if needed to ensure that each slide looks perfect for viewing on any device or platform it will be presented on.

3. Customize – Integrate text, images, videos frames and audio clips within each slide to enhance your message further through storytelling elements during each point made in the presentation itself with individualized designs within them to elevate the overall aesthetics of the slides even further than simple templates can provide on their own.

4. Animate & Transitions – Add animations & transitions between slides to create an even more immersive experience when presenting your work by providing visual cues through these effects at certain points throughout the deck itself while overlaying strong narratives between them improving engagement and understanding within viewings of this work making sure that what matters most comes across no matter where presented.

5. Exporting– Finally export all your content into either a PDF format for desktop viewing purposes or as HTML files for direct embedding into websites for sharing online once all customization has been completed giving you high quality presentations ready for use across multiple environments ensuring knowledge continuity on any device or platform it’s viewed from regardless of when filmed/posted as pre-recorded content.

Case Studies is a powerful new software that is revolutionizing the presentation industry.

In this section, we will look at some case studies of how customers use to save time and money while creating stunning presentations. Then, we will discuss the successes and failures of and how they impact the presentation industry as a whole. in Action is revolutionizing the presentation industry by applying the power of AI to designing beautiful and effective presentations. provides users with tools to create and curate presentations faster and smarter than ever before, while simultaneously allowing them to automate spending time on developing pitch decks, slide decks, sales decks, or any other visual content presentation with ease. The patented Prezent AI engine takes in a user’s input of their spoken words, images, and associated data points to automatically create a tailored design using best practices that ultimately closes more deals or captivates audiences during presentations. ai 100m wiggerstechcrunch

With Prezent’s powerful technology, it’s now easier than ever for users from all backgrounds—marketers, teachers, designers—to produce visually-engaging PowerPoint slides and amazing video presentations in no time. Furthermore, every Prezent experience is tailored for each user to ensure that each visualization created reflects their unique style and their clients’ preferences and expectations. In addition to its AI capabilities, Prezent also provides customizable templates so users can further customize how their slides look or why they use certain typefaces within the company messaging standards.

We can see how Prezent’s best-in-class technology has provided powerful results in real world scenarios from top companies such as Microsoft Corporation who has saved hundreds of hours creating visuals for internal meetings; Amazon Web Services saving a whopping 20 million dollars per quarter just due to increased sales efficiency through this tool; JP Morgan Chase enjoying 20% higher engagement rates on lightning talks given by employees making important pitches; Disney Movies launching new content faster utilizing automated designs powered by Preznet technology.

The list goes on – but what does all this mean? It means faster decision making due to improved visual appeal that helps connect audiences more quickly with information being presented; cost savings resulting from cutting down hours people used spend creating visuals; ability to adapt quickly regardless of company scale due to modularity features built-into the platform and many more benefits adding up when it comes to modern day communication strategies that maximize ROI while meeting customer objectives simultaneously–and often surpassing them!

Conclusion has revolutionized the presentation industry by introducing an intuitive and easy-to-use platform that allows users to craft engaging and eye-catching presentations quickly and without any technical knowledge.

It has been especially useful for smaller companies and startups, allowing them to create presentations that stand out and make an impact without spending a lot of time and money. has lived up to its promise of making the presentation creation process easier and more efficient.

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