How will Dropbox’s acquisition may impact the way users use Dropbox and DocSend

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On December 4th, 2020, Dropbox Inc announced the acquisition of DocSend Inc, a platform that serves as a document library. This acquisition is expected to significantly enhance the capabilities and experience of Dropbox’s customers.

DocSend’s features will be incorporated directly into Dropbox’s product suite through this purchase. By leveraging the strengths of both companies’ technology, users will gain access to an enhanced feature set from one robust platform.

In this article, we discuss how combining these two businesses could change how users use Dropbox and DocSend and what opportunities this may present for customers in their digital document management.

What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is a web-based file hosting service that offers users cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud, and client software. It was founded in 2007 by two MIT students and is headquartered in San Francisco. Dropbox makes it easy for individuals to store and manage their files securely online. It supports various operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. Users can store any type of file in Dropbox including documents, music, images, and videos.

The recent acquisition of DocSend by Dropbox could potentially provide better features for users when sharing files with others. By combining the technology from both companies, Dropbox could develop an even better cloud storage service that supports more powerful collaboration tools. As a result, users may enjoy more convenience in exchanging large files with others while accessing the same files across different devices easier than ever before.

What is DocSend?

DocSend is a document sharing platform that allows companies to securely share documents with clients, partners, and employees. It provides a simple-to-use interface to easily upload various types of documents and provides powerful integrations with other applications like Dropbox, Salesforce, and Microsoft Office. In addition, DocSend’s users can track document activity in real-time, providing useful insights into which documents are most effective.

Dropbox recently announced its intention to acquire DocSend to streamline the user experience for shared documents. This means that now users will be able to upload the same type of files into both Dropbox and DocSend, making it easier for users to access their files on both platforms without switching back and forth between multiple applications. In addition, the acquisition is expected to enable users to securely share large files across teams quickly and provide an efficient way of tracking when and who views these files.

In addition, the integration will assist organizations in meeting various compliance requirements by allowing them to implement both Dropbox’s encrypted file storage solution alongside DocSend’s ability to set additional security around shared links such as password protection or expiration dates. Overall, this acquisition will create a streamlined experience for managing documents between teams; whereby more intuitive ways of sharing information can be created within secure environments.

Dropbox acquires DocSend for $165M

Dropbox’s acquisition of DocSend for $165M has raised a few questions about how this acquisition may impact how users use Dropbox and DocSend.

As the leading online file storage and sharing services provider, Dropbox is looking to expand its offering and capabilities by acquiring DocSend, a document sharing platform.

This article will examine how the acquisition may affect existing users of both services.

Increased collaboration

The acquisition of DocSend will enable Dropbox users to create a more collaborative experience, allowing them to easily share, manage, and track documents online. With this integration users can now send securefiles and presentations with one click. This improves collaboration significantly by providing greater access control options, stronger security measures, and tracking analytics to see the time spent on each document. In addition, it allows users to quickly determine how collaborators engage with their content, including how much time they spend on it.

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This added functionality is now available for both individuals as well as teams. The addition of DocSend allows team members easier management of their presentations which establishes more structure in the workflow process. This is beneficial for virtual teams because it can create more connection in their interactions even if they’re miles away from each other. Additionally, the system provides improved visibility by empowering users to draw insights from how collaborations take shape in real-time. The addition of DocSend will also ensure that file transfers occur quickly and efficiently as larger files can be easily shared across multiple devices or locations simultaneously thanks to its powerful uploader capabilities.

Improved document security

The acquisition of DocSend by Dropbox signals a commitment to providing users with improved security for their sensitive documents. DocSend, which offers business organizations document sharing and tracking services, will lay the groundwork for new security enhancements within Dropbox. This includes encryption technology and additional methods to protect sensitive documents stored or shared via Dropbox.

The combination of both companies’ technologies makes it possible for customers to ensure that documents are secure while being uploaded and stored in the cloud. Additionally, it opens up the potential for further features like digital watermarking and password-protected sharing links to further secure documents during the sending process.

What this means for users is better protection when sharing data with their intended recipients without risking any information being leaked or accessed by unauthorized parties. In addition, improved document security on Dropbox provides its users with increased peace of mind that their confidential files are safe from cyber criminals—and will remain private as much as possible along each step of the document’s journey.

Increased storage capacity

With the recent acquisition of DocSend, Dropbox is taking steps to improve their user experience and expand the available services. One of the primary impacts of this acquisition is the increased storage capacity for users. In addition, dropbox will integrate DocSend into its platform, allowing existing users to access additional storage solutions and other content delivery tools. With an estimated 900 million files transferred through DocSend each month, that means more space for Dropbox users – both free and paid – to store their important documents and media in a secure cloud environment.

In addition to increased storage solutions, this acquisition also brings a new feature set for Dropbox users. As part of the integration DocSend’s features — including customizable links, access control settings and detailed analytics on individual documents — will be available across platforms and devices. This means you can easily manage any files stored in your Dropbox account while on the go or from your desktop with enhanced visibility over where documents have been sent, how they’re used, who is accessing them and when they’re shared with others. In addition, this improved collaboration gives more power to businesses as teams can collaborate more efficiently than ever with real-time insights into what’s happening with shared documents so stakeholders can keep track of key updates in an ever-changing work environment.

What does the acquisition mean for DocSend users?

Both companies have welcomed the acquisition of DocSend by Dropbox for $165M. This move could greatly impact how users use both Dropbox and DocSend. From improved synchronization, to enhanced security and more options for collaboration, the acquisition of DocSend by Dropbox could result in a better customer experience for both companies’ respective users.

Let’s take a look at how this acquisition could influence DocSend users.

Increased access to Dropbox features

Following Dropbox’s acquisition of DocSend, users will be able to access Dropbox features from within the DocSend platform. This includes a new type of link that users can create for their documents stored in Dropbox, allowing them to easily share documents with others and see who has viewed them.

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The acquisition also allows users to manage and control access to their Dropbox files. They can easily move content between DocSend and Dropbox without having to leave the platform and assign specific levels of permissioning, giving them an extra layer of security when sharing sensitive information.

Moreover, with dropbox features, users will gain more detailed insights into how their target audiences consume content through data collected by both companies. With this information, they can better understand engagement levels and refine future messaging tactics accordingly.

Overall, this acquisition is a win for DocSend users wishing for seamless access between the two platforms. With improved security protocols, precise analytics data gathering abilities and robust collaboration capabilities, it’s easy to see how both sides are set to benefit from this new partnership.

Improved document security

The acquisition of DocSend by Dropbox provides improved document security for users that leverage the two services. Previously, users could only securely share documents with individuals inside the company and had to rely on feedback mechanisms like email to keep track and control of outbound documents.

With Dropbox’s acquisition of DocSend, users can be assured that all their shared documents are stored in a secure environment with access-level controls that guarantee sensitive information is not being exposed. Additionally, they can track how their documents have been interacted with in real time and receive live notification updates as people view and download their content. This means they can better protect confidential business information while keeping tabs on who can access it.

Users also get the bonus feature of controlling the visibility of their documents even after they have been shared outside their organization.

Increased storage capacity

The acquisition of DocSend by Dropbox means an increase in shared storage capacity for Dropbox users. With the acquisition, DocSend’s server will become part of the already expansive Dropbox servers. This will result in a larger amount of available space for both individual and collaborative users. The increased space allows more documents to be stored simultaneously, which is especially beneficial for companies that need to manage large quantities of files, such as graphic designers and other creative professionals. With this increase in storage capacity comes a decrease in costs associated with external servers or third-party file hosting services.

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In addition to the larger storage capacity, DocSend users can look forward to improved usability and additional features now offered through Dropbox. For example, existing customers accessing their DocSend account can expect an improved document management experience by integrating collaboration features such as commenting and annotation tools. Furthermore, users can anticipate enhanced functionality when managing documents between multiple sites or within networks with full file history records and synchronization capabilities. With these integrated features, users no longer need to worry about periodically updating their documents manually or losing track of previous versions; instead they will have access to full replica versions whenever they require them.


In conclusion, the acquisition of Dropbox by Salesforce is an exciting milestone with great potential to streamline and improve the user experience for both Dropbox and DocSend customers. With the integration of Dropbox’s file-centric capabilities into Salesforce’s cloud-based products, users can access large amounts of file data more quickly and efficiently than ever.

Additionally, Salesforce’s ability to unify customer data across multiple product lines will make it easier for customers to use both Dropbox and DocSend holistically. At the same time, however, new opportunities may open up for competitors as users have more choices when accessing file storage services.

In any case, only time will tell what impact this acquisition has on how users useDocSend and Dropbox in the future.

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