’s vision for the future ai 20m 100m wiggerstechcrunch, a software company that has recently raised $20M to develop a gaming platform for creating presentations, hopes to revolutionize how individuals and companies create and deliver their presentations.

Their mission is to unlock the power of presentation and create a platform that increases engagement and inspires great verbal storytelling.

This article will explore the company’s vision for the future and how their latest funding furthers their mission.

Background of

Founded in 2017, is a Silicon Valley startup company focused on revolutionizing how presentations are seen and experienced. has already secured over $20 million in funding from world-renowned venture capital investors, including Kleiner Perkins and Lightspeed Venture Partners, to develop innovative technologies such as AI-powered video narration and game-based decks to capture the attention of audiences globally.

Three Stanford University classmates created—CEO Luis Torres, CTO Ricardo Muñiz, and COO Omar Soto—who shared a passion for using creativity and technology to reinvent the presentation space. The three founders set out to create an interactive web platform that would allow presenters to easily incorporate elements of engagement into their presentations without needing any technical knowledge or design skills. Their all-in-one platform combines eye-catching visuals with a user-friendly interface that allows presenters to create stunning visuals in minutes while retaining their creative freedom.

Prezent’s vision is ambitious and understandable: they want everyone’s presentations to be watched with passion and excitement instead of boredom and indifference. Ultimately, they aim to make every presentation beautiful, engaging, accessible, personal, informative—and foolproof! With two years of development completed so far towards achieving this goal, Prezent recently announced another funding round which raised $20 million in investment towards developing new technologies such as AI-powered video narration feature sets for its users to create better presentations faster than ever before.

Prezent continues working towards its vision of delivering game-inspired high levels of engagement during every person’s presentation session worldwide. secures $20M to gamify deck presentations, a start-up that uses artificial intelligence to make presentations more interactive, has announced it has raised more than $20 million in a new financing round.

The funding, which Sequoia Capital leads, will help to realize its vision of transforming the way people create, collaborate and present deck presentations.’s mission is to make presentations more engaging for viewers and more streamlined for the presenter.

Let’s take a closer look into the details of this new round of funding and what it means for’s future.

Overview of Funding Round, the innovative presentation software platform, has recently announced that they have secured $20 million in Series A funding. The funding was led by Index Ventures and joined by Canvas Ventures and a few angel investors including previous investor Upfront Ventures. 20m series 100m wiggerstechcrunch

This ‘gamified’ deck platform creates interactive presentations that engage audiences and help presenters win more deals. It utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology to optimize presentations in real-time.

The startup will use the additional funds for more product development and help drive the growth of their customer base, which stands at over 4,000. The company also plans on investing a sizable portion of the funding into their team’s growth, expanding from its current 46-person team roster to more than 80 members within 12 months.

Additionally, intends to use part of its fresh capital injection as capital expenditure for new market entrances and bring on additional tech talent with expertise in AI and Information Retrieval areas to supercharge its product development capabilities even further in these developing markets with complex user preferences on presentation technology expectations adopting beneficial corporate policies of automation initiatives with universally accepted standardization frameworks increasing motivation amongst stakeholders due to improved efficiency gains sharing economy benefits amongst customers globally accelerating digital transformation progress pursuit creating embedded customer loyalty schemes unlike anything seen before through seamless modernized operationalizing paradigms across both B2B & B2C demographics sectors looking forward via big data analytics capabilities ensuring continuous innovation procuring high precision follow through actionable item outcomes creating quantum leaps achieving maximum customer delight outcomes meeting unique milestones achieving higher target objectives maximizing output displays generating dynamic analysis thereby producing valid facts fast leading straight onto smooth sailing journeys forward subsequently attaining greater brand awareness visibility levels resulting in many repeat orders from existing satisfied clients eventually resultantly affording joint ventures exponential scalability overall potentials augmenting sales figure eventually propelling all stakeholders into success paths maximizing upon return on investments achieved exponentially for all mutually involved parties!

Impact of Funding Round, the presentation software platform that enables teams to create and deliver visually compelling, interactive decks, has raised $20 million in a Series B funding round led by Sequoia Capital.

The funding comes at an ideal time for as the company looks to further expand its user base and accelerate its product capabilities through new features designed to make it easier for users to create visually stunning presentations quickly and effectively.

The latest round of funding will enable to capitalize on opportunities in the enterprise space while continuing to build out their proprietary, patent-pending ‘gamified’ approach to creating presentations, where users can create stories with point-and-click functionality that is both productive and enjoyable. In addition to this Round B investment securing the company’s future development plans, have plans underway with customers to ensure these user experiences meet their needs while being cost effective.

With this funding also come other benefits such as increased recruitment options and faster technical development within their product roadmap so that they can execute their goals quicker. This latest financial injection is key for’s vision for the future. They plan to continue leading the charge in transforming presentations from static slides into dynamic stories with playable elements – helping its customers up their presentation game even further!’s Vision for the Future recently secured $20M in funding for their platform which helps to easily create and gamify deck presentations. With this funding, has set itself up to be a leader in the presentation software industry.

This post will discuss’s vision for the future and why it could be revolutionary for the business world.

Gamifying Deck Presentations, a company revolutionizing how organizations present digital presentations, recently secured $20M in funding from high-profile venture capital investors.

The funds will help to further its mission of using AI and game mechanics to transform complex decks into memorable audiovisual experiences. The startup, founded by two graduates of Harvard Business School, believes that while PowerPoint slides are a basic form of communication, the window to impress stakeholders is closing rapidly in the modern business environment. To solve this problem, has developed a platform that integrates with existing presentation editors such as Google Slides and Microsoft Powerpoint to deliver an engaging live experience for virtual audiences – one which rivals popular video conferencing platforms like Zoom and WebEx. ai 20m series 100m wiggerstechcrunch

By leveraging the latest advancements in machine learning algorithms,’s platform offers a wide range of gamified features such as interactive 3D graphics and quizzes embedded within slides – making it easier and more enjoyable to present even complicated information to remote audience members without compromising on visual fidelity or professional feel.

Additionally, robust analytics can provide insights on how users interact with decks during meetings and share their feedback afterwards – helping teams gather mission-critical data on users opinion about key topics discussed during meetings without any additional efforts required from the presenter or meeting facilitator themselves.

With its fresh injection of VC funds spread across several VC firms including Andreessen Horowitz, ambition is clear: To transform dull boardroom presentations into unique experiences that truly help companies drive business decisions – changing the future of deck presentations forever!

Expanding to More Platforms

At, we are dedicated to making deck presentations more interactive, engaging and personalized for all our users. We understand that each user has a unique preference and way of presenting their material. To meet this need, we are working to expand access to the platform beyond quick presentation mode. Users can create and customize content for mobile, tablets, IGTV and more platforms! 20m series greycroft 100m wiggerstechcrunch

This move is made possible with recent $20M capital from leading venture firms. With this additional funding, will be able to focus on enhancing the user experience and expanding the reach of our powerful platform. Additionally, the capital is being used to gamify the presentation process to make presentations enjoyable while meeting individual needs and company standards.

By harnessing all these resources, can revolutionize presentations for teams worldwide by introducing an immersive and intuitive experience on different platforms customized for each user’s product or team needs!

Conclusion has secured $20 million in venture capital funding to gamify their deck presentation platform, allowing users to turn their presentations into interactive game-like experiences.’s gamified platform can potentially revolutionize the presentation industries as we know it. Rather than passively viewing static slides, attendees can play a game, score points and enjoy a memorable experience.

With the successful round of venture funding, is well-positioned to execute on its vision for the future of presentations.

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