What GoTo Group is and what it does

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In 2021, Gojek and Tokopedia merged to create an Indonesian technology giant, GoTo Group.

The company is a super-app with various services and products, from ride-hailing to shopping and financial services.

This article will explore what GoTo Group is and what it does.

What is GoTo Group

GoTo Group is an international business and technology services firm. We aim to create long-term value for our clients through innovative service offerings, collaborative relationships and cutting-edge technological solutions. We focus on delivering the highest quality work while providing world-class customer service.

At GoTo Group, we strive to provide a unique blend of strategy, analytics, people and technology to create powerful solutions that help our clients move their businesses forward. In addition, we are committed to working with our customers to identify and unlock new growth opportunities. Through our end-to-end service offering, we partner with each client to leverage our collective capabilities for maximum impact.

Our team consists of experienced professionals from various fields of expertise including: Technology Consulting; Business Transformation & Reengineering; Marketing & Digital Transformation; Business Intelligence & Data Analytics; Product Design & Development; Quality Assurance & Testing Services; Project Control Services; Project Delivery Solutions; Enterprise Resource Planning & Business Applications Services and Cloud Solutions Services.

We take pride in being a trusted advisor who can help clients make informed decisions that address their needs in today’s increasingly complex business environment. With years of experience working with world’s top brands in various industries, GoTo Group has the knowledge and expertise to ensure success in any business venture.

What it does

GoTo Group is a social platform for all types of people, built on staying connected with friends, family and colleagues. Users can create and join Groups to explore common interests and activities, such as studying, sports or travel. With its versatile features, GoTo Group makes it easy to communicate and coordinate activities while staying connected.

GoTo Group allows Groups to share content like text conversation, images and videos across multiple platforms such as iOS, Android and Web apps. It also features an integrated calendar to help users manage upcoming events and tasks. In addition, each Group member can contribute by adding polls or creating new topics within the page that appear in chronological order. All these features are designed to make group communication easier in an efficient way that conforms with other users’ preferences on different platforms.

In addition to these core functions, GoTo Group has several unique characteristics that enable users to gain a better experience when gathering online – for example it provides its newsfeed so users can stay up-to-date with everyone’s activities at a single glance; it allows for private messages between individuals within a group; also it has an easy-to-use interface with little need for explanation making it accessible even for those unfamiliar with web tools or similar services.

GoTo Group was formed when two of Indonesia’s leading technology companies, Gojek and Tokopedia, decided to merge in 2020.

Combining the two companies’ resources, skillsets and technologies, they aimed to create a tech ecosystem to benefit Indonesian consumers and businesses.

The merger created the largest super app in Indonesia and one of the biggest digital companies in Southeast Asia.

Gojek and Tokopedia merge to form GoTo Group

In October 2020, the Indonesian tech giants Gojek and Tokopedia announced a tie-up to create the biggest tech group in Southeast Asia, ‘GoTo Group’. This merger marked the biggest combination of Indonesia’s leading startups.

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The GoTo Group combines the unique strengths of both companies to support local businesses, drive financial inclusion and create more opportunities for all Indonesians through digitalization.

The core business operations of Gojek and Tokopedia will remain distinct, while certain operational functions such as recruitment and employer branding are set to be merged. The companies will also collaborate on bringing their services closer together in areas such as payments, marketing and POS systems. These initiatives are expected to bring efficiencies across the whole suite of services both companies offer and spur further innovations.

Creating GoTo Group is seen as a major opportunity for Indonesia’s economy as it is poised to become Southeast Asia’s leading technology hub while driving job creation and economic transformation. It also seeks to bring greater access to life-changing services by using technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Internet Of Things (IoT). This will benefit consumers, entrepreneurs, merchants and everyone involved in digital products or services provided by the group.

GoTo Group’s mission and vision

GoTo Group is the parent company of a family of leading consumer technology brands. It provides products that make it easier for people to collaborate, connect and succeed in a digital world.

GoTo Group’s mission is to deliver digital products that allow people to access the benefits of collaboration technology. By creating an ecosystem of consumer friendly products and services that enhance the collaboration experience, GoTo Group seeks to improve its customers’ connectivity, productivity and engagement with each other.

GoTo Group’s Vision is to be the premier digital product company enabling seamless customer access through intuitive user experience. GoTo Group will continuously innovate by creating powerful customer experiences with an ever-evolving portfolio of collaborative tools available across offices, homes and mobile devices.

In pursuit of its mission and vision, GoTo Group operates go-to-market teams across customer segments such as small business, corporate enterprises and educational institutions — providing customer support in multiple languages. It has a host of proprietary customer facing products which offer simple yet powerful capabilities like screen sharing, audio/video conferencing, messaging between participants and secure file sharing. Additionally its managed services team works on developing custom-built services such as deployment assistance and warranties to help customers gain insights into their collaboration technology stacks while reducing their risk associated with new purchase decisions.


GoTo Group is the joint venture formed by merging Indonesia’s two largest ride-hailing and online delivery giants, Gojek and Tokopedia. The merger will create an integrated super-app that offers a range of services from ride-hailing, food delivery, and digital payments, to e-commerce, logistics, and more.

This section will examine some of the services GoTo Group offers.

Gojek’s transportation, delivery, and lifestyle services

Gojek is a Hyperlocal App-Based on-demand service provider focusing on convenience, reliability and safety. It offers reliable transportation, delivery and lifestyle services worldwide. With the Gojek app, the user can choose from a wide variety of options for transportation including ridesharing, delivery and other related services.

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Transportation: Gojek offers transport services such as GoCar, GoRide, GoBike and Grabbike; allowing users to book rides online quickly and conveniently. Through these various transport options, users can also enjoy rewards such as discounts/cashback when they use their payment methods through the Gojek app.

Delivery: The service delivers timely essential items unavailable in certain locations or could take some time to reach you due to weather or traffic conditions. Users can order food from anywhere on-the-go while they’re out doing their daily activities or at home order receiving anything from documents to groceries within minutes!

Lifestyle Services: With an ever expanding range of lifestyle options available with Gojek; users have access to everything from professional services for repairs (GoFix) or healthcare (GoHealth) as well as entertainment options such as movies (GoMovies), events (GoEvents) or travel (GoTravel). Not only are the variety of choices vast but the convenience and token based rewards that come with it makes it an alluring solution for those who seek high quality yet cost effective services!

Tokopedia’s ecommerce and digital payment services

GoTo Group is one of Tokopedia’s leading technology providers, providing comprehensive e-commerce and digital payment services to Tokopedia users. GoTo Group helps Tokopedia users transact more conveniently and securely by leveraging cutting-edge technology and its expansive network of local partners.

Tokopedia’s e-commerce services are designed to make it easy for consumers to browse, compare, purchase, and suggest products from various vendors. Consumers can easily find the best deal for the item they want with Tokopedia’s product rating filter that allows them to see what other customers have said about the product. The Homepage also includes personalized recommendations for popular items on the site and exclusive offers from vendors like Flash Sale and Coupon Deals.

For digital payments, GoTo Group provides fast, secure payments that use tokenization technology to protect consumer data during transactions. Tokopedia also allows customers to pay with their preferred payment methods including cash on delivery (COD), bank transfer (ATM) or credit/debit cards. To ensure consistency in payment processing throughout Indonesia, GoTo Group has established partnerships with many banks in Indonesia such as BCA, Mandiri and BRI along with international digital wallets such as PayPal and DokuWallet. In addition, GoTo Group guarantees digital payments made via Tokopedia that cover refunds if there are any discrepancies or issues related with the purchase transaction.


In 2021, Gojek and Tokopedia merged to form the GoTo Group. This new conglomerate is bringing together two of Indonesia’s most successful companies and expanding into new sectors. From ride-hailing to ecommerce and food delivery, GoTo Group is promising unparalleled growth in the region.

In this article, we’ll discuss the impact of the GoTo Group and its plans.

GoTo Group’s plans for expansion in Southeast Asia

GoTo Group is a cross-border eCommerce platform facilitating seamless transactions between Southeast Asia’s digital economies. The company has been operating since 2018 and provides various services such as business and payment processing, transportation and logistics services, legal compliance, marketing solutions and customer relations management. In their mission to become the leading “GoTo” platform for online commerce in the region, GoTo Group has recently announced plans to expand its reach and operations into Southeast Asia.

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Marking a major shift in direction for the organization, GoTo Group intends to bring localized expertise and knowledge to marketplaces across the 10 ASEAN nations by setting up an extensive network of warehouses as well as aggressively pursuing local marketers to introduce new products and services tailored specifically for each country’s needs.

One of the key markets that GoTo Group is looking at tapping into is Thailand – with plans to set up a strategic distribution hub in Bangkok by 2021. Apart from these specific country-focused initiatives, the company is also keen on exploring opportunities with major eCommerce players based in Southeast Asia – such as Lazada, Shopee and Tokopedia – to further strengthen its capabilities regionally.

GoTo Group’s efforts towards expansion will include bolstering human capital on both sides of its business – investors, customers & employees alike. To strengthen operational efficiency within GoTo Group’s network of warehouses across different Southeast Asia, personnel will be hired; particularly skilled individuals who have specialized knowledge in both finance & logistics processes that are tailored to each country’s laws & regulations governing online transactions. It would also beef up collaboration with popular local partner brands while ensuring fast delivery times through last mile partners based locally throughout the region.

Overall GoTo Group aims to bring its localized understanding of payments risk management processes as well as artificial intelligence into play throughout every step of their operations within different marketplaces in Southeast Asia; enabling them firstly tap into businesses seeking efficient eCommerce solutions within this corner of the world while simultaneously providing customers highly personalized experiences when shopping online across different countries within ASEAN nations.

GoTo Group’s investment in regional startups

GoTo Group, the regionally-focused venture capital firm, has invested significantly in many startups in the Asia Pacific region. With funds of up to US$3.9 billion, GoTo Group provides seed investment and follow-on funding to help startups grow and expand their businesses. In addition, by leveraging the extensive network of mentorship and corporate partners, GoTo Group helps ambitious companies navigate the startup journey to reach their goals faster.

GoTo Group has firmly established itself as a leader in providing early stage venture capital funding for promising regional startups. With its regional presence spanning five countries – Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam – GoTo Group is well positioned to capitalize on growth opportunities in a rapidly changing and evolving market landscape.

The firm invests across multiple sectors such as consumer products and services, fintech, logistics tech and healthcare tech, emphasizing under-served markets that are yet to be catered by major players in the industry. This makes it well-suited for financially empowering innovative yet fledgling ventures with few viable alternatives available to them locally. Furthermore, its focus on investments into late stage companies provide existing players a further push needed while capturing new trends quickly.

Whether you’re looking for seed funding or follow-up investments – GoTo Group’s experience in financing early stage businesses allows your dream business to become a reality faster than ever!


The GoTo Group is a tech-based firm created by merging two Indonesian companies, Gojek and Tokopedia. The new company aims to provide a one-stop-shop for any digital needs, from food delivery and payments to e-commerce and digital financial services.

This merger will provide a platform for innovative products and services tailored to Indonesian consumers’ needs.

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