Why did Blue Earth Capital invest in Sense

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Blue Earth Capital is a venture capital firm funded by The Prince’s Trust, that provides investments in early-stage technology companies. They recently invested in Sense, an AI-based energy management platform, as part of their mission to invest in businesses working towards one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The Prince’s Trust is a UK charity that works with young people aged 13-30 to equip them with the skills and confidence to become successful entrepreneurs and global leaders. Blue Earth Capital’s investment into Sense aims to bring about this transformation by investing in businesses which exemplify strong environmental policies.

Sense’s primary objective is to help households reduce energy consumption using its sophisticated AI-powered energy monitoring system. It enables households to optimize the utilization of energy resources while helping them reduce their carbon footprint and save money on their household bills. Sense’s offering has already been successfully deployed across millions of households worldwide, helping them gain insights into their energy usage behavior and empowering them to become more conscious about their carbon footprint.

The partnership between Blue Earth Capital and Sense has thus enabled both organizations to come together for massive social change; driving global sustainability through smart technology solutions, while fostering economic growth and job creation amongst youth across the globe.

Overview of Sense

Sense is an AI-driven platform for asset monitoring and energy intelligence. It uses data from connected devices and sensors to provide customers with insight on optimizing energy usage and reducing costs. In addition, feeding data from multiple sources into a single platform can provide users with a comprehensive view of their asset performance and energy consumption.

Blue Earth Capital recently invested $105 million in a Series C funding round for the company, demonstrating their commitment to the potential of Sense and the asset monitoring market.

What is Sense?

Sense is the leading home energy monitoring and management platform. Sense detects and identifies appliances in your home, allowing you to quickly identify where and how much energy is being used and set goals to use less. Sense helps individuals become more aware of their electricity usage by providing real-time data on appliance usage and suggestions for reducing electricity consumption.

In April 2019, Blue Earth Capital announced its investment in Sense, which was the first institutional investment for the company since its founding in 2015. Blue Earth Capital focuses its investments on positively impacting the world through technology-driven companies that make a meaningful impact on sustainability. With this focus, it makes perfect sense for Blue Earth Capital to invest in Sense — a company striving to provide people with the resources they need to reduce their household energy consumption.

By combining advanced data science with intuitive design, Sense provides economic insights into customers’ homes so that they can adjust energy use more efficiently and ultimately save money on their utility bills while being more mindful of environmental impact. In addition, the personalized dashboards allow customers to develop practical strategies to save money while reducing their environmental footprint — perfectly aligning with Blue Earth’s sustainability-focused mission.

Sense’s proprietary algorithms detect appliances operating within a home by recognizing unique electrical signatures associated with individual devices that are matched against a growing database of hundreds of models. This enables energy demographic profiles of households based on appliance type, brand, age and efficiency level each time an appliance turns off or completes its cycle – giving customers insight into when and where energy is used most in their homes at any given time. With this new actionable understanding about what appliances are using what kind (and amount) of power at any given time comes an ability both homeowners and businesses alike can take advantage of — decreased emissions and reduced utility bills over time!

What does Sense do?

Sense is a growing company specializing in data science and artificial intelligence to provide sustainable energy solutions. Founded in 2018 by visionaries with expertise in AI and data science, Sense leverages the power of big data to understand energy usage patterns on a granular level. As a result, sense provides insights that enable its customers to achieve optimal performance in terms of efficiency, convenience and cost savings.

Sense’s algorithms are designed to optimize customer energy use by predicting when their devices switch on or off, resulting in a more efficient and informed approach to customer energy management. Sense also offers customers real-time energy feedback around individual devices and circuits—customers can receive an immediate alert when a device starts consuming more power than it should so they can address any issues quickly.

By learning from strong algorithms, visual analysis tools, and IoT integration capabilities, Sense has unique machine intelligence capabilities that appeal to Blue Earth Capital and make them interested enough to invest in the company. With this investment, Sense stands poised for expansive growth and further investment into the latest technologies – this is why Blue Earth Capital chose to back them up.

Sense Closes $105 million Series C with Blue Earth Capital as Lead Investor

Blue Earth Capital recently announced they would be the lead investor in Sense’s $105 million Series C fundraising round. This is an important milestone for both Blue Earth Capital and Sense.

In this article, we will explore why Blue Earth Capital decided to invest in Sense.

Overview of Blue Earth Capital

Blue Earth Capital is a private equity firm based in Menlo Park, California. The firm aims to create and capture value for its partners and principals by investing in early-stage, high-growth technology companies. With deep experience from founding and growing startups, Blue Earth Capital identifies opportunities to back talented founders and disruptive technologies that can become world-changing businesses.

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Since its inception in 2015, Blue Earth Capital has invested in over 30 technology companies across key areas such as AI/machine learning, software-as-a-service (SaaS), blockchain and cryptocurrency, healthcare IT, digital media/marketing, consumer products/services, robotics/hardware & services. The team invests with majority or minority stakes in early rounds of venture capital, focusing on seed or A round financing.

For a portfolio company to get desired returns for the investors over long term periods of time it requires thoughtful capital investment while mitigating risk without sacrificing return potential as well as identifying fortunate trends within the sector that might lead to innovative business opportunities. Blue Earth Capital utilizes statistical evaluation tools such as Monte Carlo simulations alongside comprehensive industry research before investing in their portfolio companies such as Sense, which offer pioneering technological solutions that disrupt their respective sectors.

Why did Blue Earth Capital invest in Sense?

Blue Earth Capital, a leading investor in transformative technologies, has led a significant investment round in Sense AI Technologies, Inc. This investment further reinforces the immense potential of Sense AI to revolutionize the field of artificial intelligence (AI).

Sense AI is a company that specializes in AI software and systems. It provides skills-based machine learning (ML) products to help organizations better understand and use their data more appropriately. Sense’s unique approach incorporates natural language processing (NLP), deep learning (DL), pre-trained models, and open source technology to provide a comprehensive platform for enterprises to develop and deploy intelligent applications faster than ever before.

Blue Earth Capital recognized the potential of Sense AI’s technology for transforming how organizations make decisions about data analysis and application deployment. The company brings revolutionary capabilities to an industry that has long relied on hard-coded rulesets or handcrafted ML algorithms with limited scalability, adaptability, and real-world relevance. With its strong team of experienced professionals from academia and industry, Sense is well positioned to leverage its capabilities for groundbreaking uses in disciplines like healthcare, finance, retail commerce, transportation, security/defense.

The investment from Blue Earth Capital enables Sense AI to continue developing innovative capabilities that will empower organizations with greater intelligence while supporting rapid growth plans focused on scaling its corporate infrastructure and product portfolio through additional platform integrations and adding additional team members who specialize in bioinformatics engineering.

Impact of the Investment

With the help of their latest $105 million Series C funding, led by Blue Earth Capital, Sense is set to revolutionize the energy monitoring industry.

Blue Earth Capital’s investment will enable Sense to accelerate their energy monitoring market growth and expand their energy analytics and optimization platform.

This important investment will focus on commercial, industrial, and residential energy usage.

What does the investment mean for Sense?

The investment from Blue Earth Capital is a significant milestone for Sense, as it stands as testament to the company’s commitment to providing quality solutions for its customers. Not only does the capital injection directly signify further growth potential for Sense, but it also opens up greater access to resources to boost their development rate and stronger marketing resources for brand promotion.

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Furthermore, the investment aids in positioning Sense at the forefront of consumer IoT solutions. With the support from Blue Earth Capital, the company’s efforts in creating user experiences that are ever more convenient and straightforward are becoming increasingly accessible to both new and existing users alike. Furthermore, it bolsters the capabilities of Sense’s experts with expertise in smart home technologies, further strengthening its position as a leader within its industry.

What does the investment mean for Blue Earth Capital?

This investment from Blue Earth Capital into Sense AI will likely have a far-reaching impact on the company and the business world. Not only does it reflect Blue Earth Capital’s commitment to investing in cutting-edge technology, but it is also an endorsement of the potential of AI-driven business solutions.

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The investment will enable Sense to pursue further research and development towards creating better and more comprehensive AI-based products and services. This, in turn, could mean increased efficiencies for involved companies and cost savings through automation. Additionally, investments like this often lead to greater public exposure, as well as access to invaluable networks that could translate into even more opportunities for growth down the line.

From Blue Earth Capital’s point of view, they will now benefit from being involved with a company on the forefront of technological advancement, which always holds high appeal for investors looking for long-term returns. In addition, this new partnership promises collaboration between both parties that could result in mutually beneficial outcomes for each organization involved.


Overall, Sense’s core product offerings have the potential to achieve tremendous success in the financial technology space. Blue Earth Capital saw immense value in Sense’s features which could help it to become a market leader.

Sense’s range of financial services supports traditional markets and can be utilized in evolving and innovative ways to maximize customer utilization and long-term retention. Blue Earth Capital has also invested in a range of other start-ups focusing on technologies that make finance more secure, accessible and user-friendly, indicating a common thread throughout their investments.

Finally, Sense can provide further capital for further demand generation activities to help build its customer base across various segments. This joint effort between Blue Earth Capital and Sense will benefit both parties in being able to successfully penetrate new markets more quickly and efficiently, expand user base more rapidly while staying true to the company’s mission of larger impact investing objectives with an eye towards financial services as well as social returns.

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