The Cast Of Marriage Or Mortgage

When Was Marriage or Mortgage Filmed

Marriage or Mortgage is a Canadian reality television series that premiered on HGTV Canada on March 7, 2016. The series follows engaged couples as they face the decision of whether to buy a home together or get married. The show is hosted by real estate expert Nicole DeBouter and mortgage broker Andrew Murdoch. Each episode follows one couple as they tour three homes and then must decide whether to put their money towards a home or their wedding.

The series was filmed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The Cast Of Marriage Or Mortgage

The show stars Nichole Bloom and David Gborie. Nichole Bloom is an actress and model who is best known for her role in the Showtime series Shameless. She has also appeared in the films The Miseducation of Cameron Post and Ad Astra. David Gborie is a comedian and writer who has appeared on the shows Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The League.

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Sydney Stempfley is one of the main characters in the show Marriage or Mortgage. She works as a Realtor in Denver, Colorado. Sydney is originally fromew York and she has a degree in Business from NYU. Sydney is very independent and she does not want to get married or have children.


One of the main cast members of Marriage or Mortgage is Luke. He is a real estate agent who is helping a couple decide whether to buy a house or get married. Luke is originally from Australia, but he now lives in Canada. He has experience working in both countries, so he is able to offer a lot of advice to the couples on the show.


Heather is one of the participants in the show “Marriage or Mortgage”. The show is a reality tv show that airs on Netflix. Heather is from Canada and is a real estate agent. She is 32 years old and she was married to her husband for 2 years before they got divorced. Heather is now engaged to her fiancé, Andrew. The couple has been together for 4 years and they live in Toronto, Canada.

Where Was Marriage Or Mortgage Filmed?

Marriage or Mortgage was filmed on location in Toronto, Canada. The film follows the story of two women who are torn between getting married or buying a house. The film was directed by Katie Holmes and stars Chace Crawford and Jordana Brewster.

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Los Angeles, California

The Lifetime show Marriage or Mortgage follows engaged couples who are torn between spending their entire budget on their wedding or investing it in a down payment on a home. Each episode features two couples who are at a crossroads, and they are given the opportunity to work with a wedding planner and a real estate agent to see what their money can buy them. In the end, they have to decide whether they want to put all of their money into their wedding day or use it as a down payment on a home. The show is set in Los Angeles, California, and that is where it is filmed. The city offers a wide variety of settings for the show, from beaches to mountains.

San Diego, California

Marriage or Mortgage was filmed in San Diego, California. The city is featured prominently in the show, as the main characters live and work there. The cast members are all from the area, and they were able to film most of the show in their own homes. This gave the show a very realistic feeling, and it helped the cast to connect with each other on a personal level.


After much discussion, the couple decides to go ahead with the mortgage and put their marriage on hold. They both feel that they need more time to think about their relationship and what they really want before making such a big commitment.

It’s a heart-wrenching decision, but in the end, they both know that it’s the right thing to do.

The cast of Marriage or Mortgage was filmed in 2019.

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